Five Ways to Reduce Drinking During Vacation

Vacation is a time to enjoy, relax and reconnect with the family. If you choose to take a vacation alone, it is the time to soul search and make crucial decisions that govern your life. Drinking can be a great hindrance to a much-awaited vacation. Vacation is always scheduled; drinking can delay you to take the cab that was to be at a specific time to meet the early morning wild animals just because you woke up with a hangover.

Here are some of the tips to reduce drinking

Choose the right company

There is no way you will plan a vacation with your booze friends and stay sober. When planning for a vacation ensure you choose friends who do not engage or might influence you to drink. It is advisable to have a prior idea of the lifestyle of your vacation buddies so that you do not find yourself with a family who drink up to late night. Enjoying a bottle is not bad but overindulgence is not recommended.

Stay focused

Ensure the vacation schedules are engaging and fun so that little time is left for drinking. If you go for mountain hiking, then later enjoy boat riding and finally end the day in a nature walk as you watch the sun set. By the time you end the day, you have little or no time to over enjoy the booze but just shower and visualize all the memorable events of the day. If the entire after noon you are just sit in the local café, chances are you will call for beer to reduce boredom and lead to over drinking.

Order ‘no alcohol’ drinks and meals

Make a habit to order meals and drinks with no alcoholic content. This will help reduce cravings and further reduce over engaging in the bottle. As long as there is a little alcohol content in the meal chances are you will order for the drink to quench the thirst. If you aren’t ready for this and are based in Los Angeles, consider an outpatient program like this.

Engage in self-fulfilling activities

Treats are a good way to console the soul. Instead of that favorite drink, go to the massage parlor, do a complete hair make over among other things. Most people tend to let loose of themselves during vacation and this leads to over drinking and over indulgence in the bottle. Use your vacation as a time to enjoy other activities you have wished to do but lack time.

Declare your intentions

Once you declare your intentions to reduce drinking to your companions they will offer support and all activities during the vacation will accommodate you. You will be surprised to have a great support system to help you tame the vice which further makes you fully enjoy your vacation.

In conclusion, if you want to drink less alcohol during vacation, ensure you plan for activities which do not trigger the cravings. Psychologists says, everything comes from the mind, they further state that as long as you have set your mind to reduce on a specific activity. It is possible to stick to it all you need is to change the environment which makes you think to revert the vice.

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