What do you need to know when planning a vacation to Aruba?

Aruba is a country situated on the South of the Caribbean Sea. It is part of the ABC islands with Curacao and Bonaire.  It is among the four countries which form the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The climate is hot and dry which provides a warm climate favoring tourism. The spectacular white sandy beaches on the western and southern parts of the country are a great tourist attraction site.  The terrain is generally flat making navigation easy since the remotest parts of the country are accessible.


Aruba can be accessed by either direct flights from the North American cities or by the use of cruise ships through the Caribbean Sea as you enjoy the coastal climate. The position of the area is such that it is not affected by harsh ocean currents making cruising enjoyable and relaxing. The official driving rule is right hand driving. Once you arrive in Aruba, the tourist resorts have contracted cabs as well as tours and travel vans to help you reach your tourist destinations right from the airport to your tourist destinations. In the sea there are tourist boats to sail you through the coastal strip.


The local are friendly and ready to mingle with visitors. The main currency is Aruban florin. The official language of the Aruba people is Dutch. English and Spanish are also spoken as well as Papiamento- which is the local language.


The area is hot and dry with no fierce ocean currents. The trade winds blow trees on the south making the area cool throughout the year. The sea waters camouflages the dry weather making the atmosphere moist and relaxing. The climate is ideal for the people who experience distinct seasons especially the cold winter season.


Aruba is a multilingual country; this translates to diverse cultures.  The resorts offers multicultural set up in their cuisines to meet the demand of global visitors. All you require is make an inquiry to check out which resort makes the type of food you may require. The ambience in the resorts is superb. You can also experiment the local food to enjoy the taste of the local meals.

Coastal strip

The coastal strip has awesome resorts full of activities and beach sport to offer diversified tourist attraction activities. Some of the activities include swimming, kite surfing, snorkeling, waterskiing, parasailing, tubing, banana boating among others.


The tourism sector has invested in diverse state of the art accommodation facilities with architectural designs. They range from resorts, private home and villas, apartments to timeshares.  A more unique feature is the all-inclusive package where it offers all you require for your vacation. They include return air tickets or cruise ship tickets, airport transfers, tours within the country, meals and accommodation.

Aruba tourist destinations provide a relaxing environment away from the busy lifestyles. It is an ideal tourist destination for lovers, couples and even family to focus and stay connected to them. It is a home away from home.

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